Bar Mill

SKRM has another mill which produces TMT bars. The bar mill is fully automatic producing bars under brand “KRISHNA TMT”. SKRM produces TMT Bars with a world class Tempcore technology which distincts it completely from other manufacturers. The bar surface is quenched and tempered by the water and achieves the MARTENSITE structure which is strong and tough, whereas, the core is still hot. As the bar travels to the cooling bed simultaneously, the heat of the core travels to the surface and reduces the excess hardness by martensite / pearlitic formation between the surface and core. As a result, the bar achieves the required strength. That is why the bar is high in strength with much higher elongation than the twisted bars. This marks the bar with much more superiority in the earthquake prone zones also. The bars are cut into fixed length as per normal standard.


  • Better bending and re-bending properties. The bars can be bent around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS: 1786, proving a great advantage at construction sites.
  • KRISHNA TMT bars have elongation properties, superior to standards set by BIS, restricting the problem linked with construction in elastic deformation. High ductility contributes to the absorption of unusual events such as earthquakes, collisions or fires.
  • Better corrosion resistant due to advanced manufacturing process and absence of residual stress. The presence of thin layer of iron oxide provides it an additional support against corrosion.
  • KRISHNA TMT rib pattern allows it to have better Bond Strength between the bar and surrounding concrete.
  • KRISHNA TMT provides guaranteed physical properties due to use of world class technology of quenching and the equipments that we use.
  • Krishna TMT has a lower carbon equivalent which makes it convenient to use and superior to conventional CTD bars. Thus, Krishna TMT has better weldability.
  • KRISHNA TMT bars have higher yield strength and take greater loads with the same weight of steel, resulting in optimal utilization and cost saving.
  • Precise gauge control ensures accurate weight of bars.
  • Delivery with quality at best price.