Board of Directors

Mr. Shri Niwas Gupta


Shri Niwas Gupta: It was his dream that SKRM should make hot rolled special profies some day and the dream became a reality when SKRM successfully produced profiles for GKW in India one of the oldest wheel manufacturing company in India. Under his guidance SKRM developed and is producing profiles for various companies in India and outside India too. Today, his vision has given SKRM a start to establish itself a well recognized name in field of profiles and grow even bigger.

Mr. Vinod Gupta


Vinod Gupta: SKRM, under his dynamism is marching ahead strongly towards various segments in constructions. He visioned to create KRISHNA TMT with a slogan (Vishwaas Faulaad Sa) as a name you can trust upon for its quality and trust worthiness with strength and he successfully associated the same with all works of life. The awards given to him are a sign of recognition the brand has created its image over past couple of years. Now KRISHNA TMT is one of the leading brands of construction steel in state of Rajasthan.

Mr. Krishna Kant Gupta


Mr. Krishna Kant Gupta: SKRM under his leadership has been recognized as a valuable contributor to all walks of society in all forms. The company under his dynamism diversified into various other business too.

Mr. Shri Ram Gupta


SKRM under his leadership has been working towards achieving the desired results will within the periphery of its operations.

SKRM, through his dynamism had been contributing quite well towards various societies and has also attached itself to various associations of good repute.