Structure Mill

At SKRM we have three plants of which one is a structure mill producing hot rolled structural items. The second plant is a TMT mill producing TMT bars and the third plant is a Steel Melting Shop producing Pencil Ingots.

SKRM has a semi automatic cross country type structure mill. SKRM produces hot rolled special profiles, angles, flats and rounds for various industries in automotive, engineering and in multitude of various industrial applications.

In structure mill SKRM produces pre-shaped hot-rolled custom designed as well as standard sections, with strict dimensional tolerances. At the user’s end this translates into lower tooling charges, reduced idle times and substantial saving on scrap material, otherwise generated due to turning and milling. During the production of special profiles by hot rolling the input billet is formed into lengths up to 11.800 METRE using two oppositely rotating cylindrical rolls.


  • SKRM provides innovative solution for industries in automotive, transmission line tower and industrial usage.
  • The entire product is roll straightened and sheared in fixed length as per customer wish.
  • Lower tooling charge, savings on scrap and reduction in idle time.
  • Regular check of cross section samples taken during production at regular intervals and piece to piece check post production through gauges GO and NOGO.
  • SKRM justifies low tonnages at fast delivery and best price.